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My Introduction

Updated: May 2, 2020

Hello friends my name is Vikram Jeet Singh and I am very excited to start my blog "health and wealth guru". In this blog we will talk about to 2 basic fundamentals of life which is Holistic health & creation of abundance wealth. We will discuss management of health and Wealth and how they are closely interlinked. We will also discover how to invest money Wisely for creating various passive income streams that can last for ever. Along with it I will Be sharing my experiences & knowledge that I have acquired in my journey of life.

I am a real estate professional and a fitness enthusiast currently working with one of the Most reputed bank of the country. I am having an experience of 19 years in sales and Marketing where I had an opportunity to work on various product segments across different Industries. Being a fitness freak I have been training and working out for more then 23 years now. I keep researching various information on health and have discovered basic principals of healthy body and a fit mind.

I have started my professional carrier by selling luxury cars and worked in automobile Industry for 3 yrs. Then I got an opportunity to work with the biggest film production house of The country Yash Raj Films(YRF). I worked with YRF for 7 years where my job was to launch and distribute movies and music for the company in various physical formats.I was heading North India, traveled length and breath of the region.Learned different cultures, Mentality and psychology of people across region.

Then I joined ICICI Bank and I am working with them from past 8 years. I am taking care of Business development & investments.I am working with ultra high net worth individuals(HNI), Big corporate houses and helping them in their real estate requirements.While interacting With them I have got hands on experience on how do successful people think, how they deal With people, how they approach to various problems and opportunities in their lives & what Basic principal they follow to achieve success. So lets begin our Journey together to create Some thing big in our lives and start living it with abundance of health, wealth, joy and happiness.

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