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How to become a successful real estate sales person

Updated: May 25, 2020

Real estate consultancy provides a great career opportunity to people associated with it. Since real estate is a big-ticket business, it encourages, pushes, and often demands those involved in it to continually raise the bar of service. Also, it’s a tremendous feeling to be trusted by people who are willing to make their long term investment decisions based on one’s guidance. However, like any other profession, there are few consultants who struggle while there are others who do well for themselves and their organizations.

Being a high-value business, sales in the real estate industry are very different compared to sales endeavors in other businesses. Let’s take a closer look at the skillset (some must-have’s and a few good to have’s) that a successful real estate consultant must possess–

1. Domain knowledge- Foremost, Clients give you an opportunity to act as their real estate consultant because they trust you to be an expert in the field and rely on you in buying or leasing the best property. As a real estate consultant, it is very important not only to have complete knowledge of the properties that you are dealing in but also an in-depth understanding of the area you are operating which includes robust information on various attributes like current trends of prices and lease rental of properties, demographic aspects like the density of population & upcoming infrastructure in the area like an airport, railway station, hospitals, school, colleges & other commercial establishments in the region.

2. Genuine Intent- A real estate professional should always have a genuine intent of helping a client, rather than just being a salesman who is always pushing to close the sale and move on. The focus should remain at forging long-term relationships, rather than a transactional pursuit

3. Good Listener- It is important for a real estate consultant to be a good listener. Rather than immediately starting to pitch a property, the consultant should first clearly understand the need of the client, criterion of investment, preferred area, budget of the client, area required, etc. It is very important for a Consultant to make eye contact while listening to a client and ask relevant questions to practice active listening.

5. Building relationships- Remember that in the real estate industry, you will not always get tons of lead. Therefore, it becomes even more important to build long term relations with your customers you work with. Consultants should aim in becoming a problem solver who is aiming to give all-round solutions to their clients. Even after closing a deal, a successful real estate consultant will provide good post-sale services like completing all the documents for the property, filling for pending property return, getting the property on lease, etc.

6. Asking for References- References play a crucial part in closing sales in the real estate industry. Good real estate consultants always ask for references from their existing clients for getting leads. Their clients often become promoters/torchbearers and are glad to make mutually beneficial introductions & recommendations, propagating their brand forward by spreading strong and positive word of mouth.

7. Build your own personal brand- Some of the real estate consultants who are employed in corporate set-up often assume that their organization’s brand name is sufficient to close the sale. It should be noted that a brand name helps in getting leads, but the conversion will largely depend on their personal skillset, relationship management acumen, personal reputation, and the hard work they are willing to put. Consultants should always aim to continually improve themselves. Participating in seminars, doing professional courses, learning from veterans and successful professionals in the industry could be a few avenues of keeping oneself relevant, knowledgeable, and confident. Consultants should identify their niche and work hard creating their personal brand around it.

8. Networking- Real estate consultants need to have good networking skills. They are expected to network with landlords, buyers, sellers, caretakers, corporate, developers, and other real estate consultants to generate leads and for getting a good supply of inventory of properties. Successful real estate agents are well organized, have a strong follow up on leads, they pay attention to the need of their clients, demonstrate soft skills, and communicate effectively to close more deals.

9. Honesty and integrity- For becoming a successful real estate consultant you need to follow ethical practices in all of your transactions to gain a reputation of being a trustworthy & honest agent. Never mislead clients or try to convince them to buy more property than they can afford. Offer honest advice to help your clients make decisions so they're happy in the end.

10. Investment in technology- In the world of cut-throat competition, it is very important to make an efficient and right use of technology to succeed. Real estate consultants should make a strong presence on social media platforms; they should learn to record quality videos to give a virtual tour of the property to their clients and should take their business online to get more sales. This becomes even more important to beat the current covid19 stress when the client prefers to communicate on mobile and like to inspect the property online only rather than physical inspection. A successful real estate consultant will bring their ace game and excel in online presentation skills so that they can successfully showcase the value of property to their clients without getting the visit done.

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