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13 ways to gain success in life

Updated: May 3, 2020

Their are 13 basic principle that you should follow to gain successful life. These are broad principals that cover all aspects of living a successful life and have been tried and tested multiple times to give desired results.

1. Diet- Your body is your temple and diet plays an important part in shaping your body. It is very easy to get into cravings and pick fast food like burgers, pizzas, fries and colas all the time. Simple solution to it is following one basic rule which is to eat home cooked food as much as possible. If you are doing cooking at home you will include all fresh vegetables, meat healthy fats etc this will surely eliminate lot of unhealthy stuff entering your body.

2. Exercise- Everyone should include some exercise/ physical activity in their life. You should take out at-least 45 minutes every day to exercise. Make a routine and stick to it, if you have decided to exercise in the morning make sure that you are doing it every time you wake up rather than leaving it till evening and finally giving up. Do whatever motivates you just go for a brisk walk, do jogging, weight training, yoga, dancing or play some outdoor sports like football, tennis, basketball etc. Do not treat it as wastage of time it is a best investment that you can make to achieve good health and there is no alternative to it.

3. Attitude and behavior aspects- your attitude define who you are. One should always have positive attitude. By its very nature life will always through you different challenges and believe me it is only your attitude that will determine your success. Be polite and humble behave with everyone as you aspect everyone to behave with you. Remember that karma is very power full and it always come back.

4. Mediation- It is very powerful tool that gives you focus, clarity of thoughts and channelize your energy in achieving big goals. Meditate in the morning. Start by practicing 5 minutes daily and then increase it as you want.

6. Family & friends- Can you even imagine your life without your family and friends spend quality time with your family and friends respect them, appreciate them. It is a key for living long and meaning full life.

7. Habits- Habits are very strong in nature; they are acquired over period of time consciously or unconsciously. They determine your success, your earnings and quality of life that you live. It is very rightly said that "you are a product of your habit". Habits revolve around 3 important principle cue, routine and reward. You cannot control your cue, so to get reward you have to change your routine. It requires lot of effort to change bad habits, so if you want to be successful in life then form good habits.

8. Happiness & joy- All work and no play will make your life a living hell. So take some time to enjoy with your family and friends. Plan a party do a get together with your friends. Go out for a movie or occasional drink. Plan a vacation with family. If eating pizza/burger makes you happy then indulge it in once in a while and do not regret. Enjoy simple things in life and be happy.

9. Career- I have heard lots of people saying professional and personal life should not be linked. But trust me actually it does not happen. Both professional and personal lives are interlinked. Example if your relationship with your wife is not good it will always distract you and will not allow to put your best in your career. Similarly if your career is not doing well then you will not be in a good peace of mind. Everyone should treat their career and their profession with utmost respect and should put 100% every day to achieve next level.

Lot of people do not have any goals in their life and end up picking the carrier where their life leads them. After some time they realize that they are in wrong place and are not able to put required efforts to be successful in their profession. First we should always empower ourselves to choose the right career based on our interest rather letting someone else to decide what profession we will be taking for living. We should have carrier goals which are long term, medium term and short term and always review them on regular interval to check our achievement.

10. Money- I have observed that most of us are having negative relationship with money. It is engraved with in our roots and culture that to much of money is root of all evil, earning money is very difficult, It needs lots of money to earn money, we are middle class and we cannot possess lots of wealth, big house and luxury cars-we can’t afford them. This thinking needs to be changed at first place, which means you should have positive relationship with money and all these negative thoughts should be changed with positive personal affirmations about the money. You should read those positive affirmations every day. Trust me earning big wealth simply require a discipline effort in right direction.

11. Commitment to lifelong learning- We stop learning the moment we complete our studies but our world keeps changing constantly and through lots of opportunity which goes unnoticed since we have restricted our self to our abilities and knowledge. Rather we should make an effort to come out of our comfort zone and should make commitment of lifelong learning. There are different ways of doing it like reading books, attending workshops or seminar, enrolling yourself for a professional course or a degree or by simply watching some educative video on social media.

12. Contribution towards society- As a good human being we should always think ways to contribute to our society for uplifting people and it has a very deep science to it which is the more you give the more you get. We should do charities & donations, even if someone do not have enough money to donate he or she can make positive contribution by giving his time or services for uplifting the society.

13. Recognition- Apart from money and wealth people craves to get recognition for the work and achievement from their respective organization & societies. Always inspire them to achieve something meaningful and big in their lives, praise them with open heart and always encourage them. Give them a reputation to live up to and they will always make an effort to surpass it.

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